Hi there!

So, we are near the end of the year (literally the last three days of 2018…whaaaaaaaaaaat?).    Anywho, I decided to clean up my work space a bit as far as leftover beads and/or miscellaneous projects I started but didn’t quite know (at the time) how I wanted to finish to see what creations popped out at me.  Welp.   This lovely necklace and earring set made with mother of pearl beads and cream-colored glass pearl beads jumped out at me.  I mean seriously, the mother of pearl beads have been sitting in my beading tray all summer.  I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to complete the project, but I knew I wanted to use these beads as well as this agate focal I found while visiting family in Boston.  I came across the pearl beads in my stash and thought they are perfect finish to this necklace set.  I like the elegance of it.  What do you think?

Mother of Pearl with Pearls and Agate Focal

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