Today’s Finds

Hello fellow jewelry creators and lover of all things “jewelry”!  Soooo, I’ve been shopping…again.  I swear, I’m going to have join some sort of support group for jewelry designers.  “My name is Diane and I can’t stop buying bead supplies!”  lolol

Anywho, another purchase from one of my favorites, Fire Mountain Gems.  This batch contained various vintage glass beads.  First up (top left), Czech glass bead mix.  I love the opaque, mix of orange, green, red and beige/black color mix of these beads.  It kind of gives me a rustic, bohemian vibe.  I could use these with leather and suede cord.

Next we have the vintage bead mix, also Czech glass,  with opaque colors of tan, dark red and black rondelles.  These also give me a bohemian vibe.  As for the vintage German pressed glass beads (opaque teal) I’m thinking I can do a necklace or bracelet, or both.  I just love teal, and/or turquoise beads.  I really like the India glass, translucent orange teardrop beads.  As I’ve stated before, I like bold, bright colors and this orange really caught my eye.  Not sure where I’ll go with creating with them, but the ideas are endless. 

Last, and certainly not the least, I found these beautiful German glass heart focal pieces (kind of in the center under rondelles).  It’s  hard to see clearly through the plastic because the focal is clear glass, but you get the idea.  I think these would be really nice on a dainty chain as a necklace.  Maybe add a couple of dangles to make it extra “girly”.  Who knows?  I will be posting once I have created using any of these beads.  Keep an eye out.  Until next time, go forth and create!!  


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